Interesting Photo of the Day: Blue Hour in the Cascade Range

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Blue hour is a period of twilight during which the sun is well below the horizon and the blue wavelengths of the light become more dominant, shedding a blue tint on objects. Photographers love blue hour for the fact that light is very soft during this period, which allows them to capture images with gorgeous details and soft shadows. Photographer Nathaniel Wise captured the following image of the Cascade Range during a wonderful blue hour:

cascade range

“Blue Hour in the Cascade Range” by Nathaniel Wise (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

“Taken in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, in Washington State. Definitely one of the crazier lakes I’ve seen so far. The only drawback of this trip were the mosquitoes… which were terrible. Bloodthirsty little vampires, all of them. Otherwise, had an awesome night in the back country. We were basically alone here. Just one or two other tents in the area (which is huge).”

Judging by the slight motion blur that the branches have and by the smooth reflection on the lake, Wise must have taken this photograph with a long exposure. The blue of the mountains and the lake, with a hint of the pinkish clouds on the edges gives the image a very interesting look. Also, the way Wise has composed this shot by framing the lake in between the trees and the mountains makes it more pleasing to look at.

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