More discontinued Nikkor F-mount lenses

This post is by Christopher Malcolm from Nikon Rumors

Two more lenses are no longer listed on the Nikon USA website:

B&H has the 20mm still in stock, but strangely it is not labeled as import or B-stock – it has a “B&H Warranty Only”. This seems to be their new designation for imports/grey products (they are not calling them imports anymore, but if you click on the product link, it will tell you that it’s an import).

Currently, only a limited number of Nikon F-mount lenses seem to be in stock. many are back-ordered and out-of-stock (that doesn’t include several out-of-stock lenses that are still listed but are actually discontinued). The good news is that this means that F-mount lenses are still selling because there were far more lenses in stock a few weeks ago (thanks ZoetMB).

Here is another list of discontinued Nikon products based on a recent video from Grays of Westminster:

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