Robert Eggers Explains How the Devil Is in the Details on ‘The Northman’

This post is by Corridor from No Film School

This visionary director tackles one of drama’s greatest stories set in history’s darkest age… and it’s punk rock.

Robert Eggers takes his cues from his research, and he researches like a madman. Not because he feels he has to, but because he loves it. He finds inspiration there, and he finds every detail of his story there.

Detail and accuracy are the north stars of The Northman, and as a result, you can experience a very specific time in the past in the most lifelike and accurate way possible.

The story is one that inspired Shakespeare when he wrote Hamlet. It’s a comingling of the legendary play with the Norse folklore that it was drawn from. Eggers told me about how the two sources interplayed in his middle-aged Viking worldscape. The fun is in the specificity.

Beyond that, Eggers clues us into his process and how he blends confidence with humility to become an effective yet humble filmmaker. Something we should all strive for in whatever we do.

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