Some NAB 2022 thoughts, videos, pictures, interviews and more

This post is by Matthew Duclos from ProVideo Coalition

If you haven’t heard, NAB happened again this year. After a two-year hiatus due to the … you know … it was back in person and definitely a different NAB than all the others I’ve attended over the last decade or so. Official attendance numbers from NAB were this:




I’ve seen comments that some think it was significantly less than that. I doubt NAB would lie about the numbers but maybe that many registered but way less showed up. I do know that in the short time I was on the show floor booth humans tried to scan my badge 52,468 times.

I don’t know whether those numbers above should be considered good or not as I don’t know about event attendance projections and break-evens but from an attendee standpoint walking the show floor, it was great. It felt really nice not to stand shoulder to shoulder almost every minute of the show and have to fight to get into a booth every time you wanted to see something or talk to someone. I’m sure NAB hopes those numbers get back up to where they used to be pre-pandemic and I bet the exhibitors do too.

All seemed well with the world as the Blackmagic booth was large and in charge but this time at the entrance of the North Hall.

There was no South Hall this year as the new and far away West Wall shifted everything by one hall and put stuff further from the Las Vegas Convention Center monorail stop. Many of those in my post-production purview didn’t get to the West Hall. …