The Firefighters of Ukraine (21 photos)

This post is by Pierre-Louis Ferrer from The Atlantic Photo

It has now been seven weeks since the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and cities and villages are still bearing the brunt of Russian missiles. When apartment buildings, stores, houses, and factories are hit, members of Ukraine’s State Emergency Service, including firefighters and rescue teams, rush to the scene to help any victims, mitigate the damage, and prevent the fires from spreading. Their jobs—already risky by nature—are made even more difficult, depending on who controls an area, the types of explosives used, and the threat of further attacks. Gathered here, images of some of the recent work done by Ukrainian firefighters during a time of war.

A single firefighter standing in front of a large fire.
A Ukrainian firefighter stands in front of flames rising following artillery fire in the northeastern city of Kharkiv on March 25, 2022. Russian strikes targeting a medical facility in Kharkiv on March 25 killed at least four civilians and wounded several others, Ukrainian officials said.

Aris Messinis / AFP / Getty)