This Atlas 21mm Anamorphic Lens Has Us Losing Our Minds

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The Atlas Lens Company recently announced something very exciting, at least for any DP passionate about wide-angle anamorphic photography.

The Atlas 21mm, part of the brand’s Orion series of lenses, is a 2X anamorphic lens that promises the widest view of your life. It’s the newest member of the Orion family, following closely behind the 25mm Orion that came just before it.

A Wide-Angle Anamorphic Lens Unlike Any Other

As mentioned above, this monster takes things to the extreme with a 2X anamorphic squeeze. If you’re not yet familiar, the difference will absolutely blow you away. We’re certainly impressed by all the demo footage that we’ve seen through the 21mm’s barrel.

Upon its actual release, the brand promises the following, and more:

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