This Is How Some Directors Subvert Conventional Shot Selection

This post is by Oliver Peters from No Film School

Your shot selection as a director matters.

Every director on earth has had to choose what shots go into a project at some point or another. It’s part of the job. Choosing different shots and camera angles helps you transport the audience into the world. They can define your theme, and deepen the enjoyment of a project.

But what happens when you master all the basics?

Some directors have brilliant ideas on how to subvert the basic shots to change your feeling about the work. There are movies that totally wrap you up in the world of a character to the point of it being claustrophobic and uncomfortable, and other movies make you feel more like you’re just observing events in their lives unfold in a more detached way. Each of them happens thanks to shot selection.

Check out this video from In Depth Cine, and let’s talk after.

How Do Some Directors Subvert Conventional Shot Selection?

When you’re starting, picking shots should feel a little conventional.

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