Three New Teradek Solutions, One Incredible Wireless Workflow

This post is by Andrew Waite from No Film School

This winner-take-all family of 4K-capable camera control equipment has us starry-eyed.

A wireless camera control system saves you time and labor on set, all while giving you the access you need to guarantee the quality of every frame of footage.

And Teradek wants to make sure you have all the tools you need.

Free thyself from the nest of cables from whence you came. Teradek’s latest in remote camera control will soothe what ails you, all in a package more compact and manageable than ever.

A New Chapter in Teradek’s Wireless 4K Bolt Legacy

This new generation of Teradek technology ushers in an age of wireless compatibility, streamlined design, and compatibility across the board. If you think you know Teradek, you haven’t seen half of it yet.

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