Watch a Pro Landscape Photographer Edit RAW Images

This post is by Nicholas Mitchell from PictureCorrect

It is always fascinating to see how pro photographers work with raw files. Many times, the final images come out much better. We’re left wondering how they edit their photos. If you’ve ever asked this, we have the perfect video for you—professional landscape photographer Nigel Danson takes you through his editing process and shows you how you can add life to your raw photos.

The great part about this episode is that the images that Danson edits were not taken by him. They were all sent to him by his social media followers.

Editing an image doesn’t mean you need to spend a ton of time and resources. This might be the best takeaway of the video. Moreover, even the tools Danson uses are fairly simple. It is all about knowing what to use in what circumstances.

As beginners in photography, most of us make the mistake of making global adjustments. One thing you can clearly learn from this video is to make use of the various local adjustment tools. It mostly includes brushes, gradients and masks. They can help you to retouch specific regions in the image.

Also, editing doesn’t always need to be complicated. Sometimes you can get the job done by just cropping it. And in some cases, as Danson suggests, the images could come out a lot better with a stronger composition.

If you’re someone who’s fascinated by the art of editing, or if you’re getting started with editing photos, we highly recommend you go through the video. You’ll get a lot of insights from this one for sure.

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