You can now shoot 10-bit ProRes LOG on your iPhone with FiLMiC Pro’s new LogV3+ gamma curve

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The new LOG capture modes in FiLMiC Pro provide additional post-production flexibility.

FiLMiC Pro, an iOS video capture app, has released an update that now enables additional LOG capture modes with an in-app purchase, as well as support for’s new Camera to Cloud (C2C) technology.

FiLMiC Pro version 6.19.0 now supports Flat+ and Log V3+ gamma curves when shooting ProRes 709 video on compatible iPhone models after being unlocked as part of FiLMiC Pro’s CineKit in-app purchase ($13.99). These additional gamma curve options give creators yet another option to choose from when shooting to best match their color workflow requirements.

Also new is support for’s new Camera to Cloud (C2C) feature, which allows you to capture video and immediately upload a proxy of that footage to’s cloud platform so you and your team can immediately start parsing through the video without needing to manually offload and upload it first.

FiLMiC Pro is offering three Proxy Quality settings of 720p (1.5Mbps), 1080p LQ (3Mbps) and 1080p HQ (10Mbps). You can select whether you want the proxies to be uploaded automatically, when prompted or turn off entirely for manual uploading at a later time. This feature will work over both Wi-Fi and 4G/5G cellular, although you can limit it to Wi-Fi so you don’t tear through cellular data.

For owners of FiLMiC Pro who’ve purchased the CineKit in-app purchase, this update is free. If you own FiLMiC Pro but not the CineKit upgrade, you can purchase it via an in-app purchase for $13.99. If you don’t have FiLMiC Pro at all, you’ll need to first purchase it for $14.99 in the iOS App Store before making the in-app purchase to unlock these new features and more.