10 everyday items every wedding photographer should carry in their kit

a wedding photographer looking at images with a couple on the beach.
All of the items here have one time or another come in handy for a member of the PopPhoto staff while shooting a wedding. Getty Images

Photographing someone’s Big Day is a beautiful—and stressful—job, especially if you’re not a seasoned pro. This week, PopPhoto is serving up our best advice for capturing that special kind of joy.

The job of a wedding photographer goes well beyond taking pictures. Shooters play the role of cheerleader, problem solver, guest wrangler, and much more. That’s why it’s a good idea to be prepared for almost anything. What follows is a list of useful items that could make you a hero on someone’s big day—from handy solutions to wardrobe malfunctions, to first aid and weather protection. After all: Who doesn’t like being a hero?

Pocket knife 

A simple Swiss Army Knife will do. Whether it’s removing tags from garments or trimming down stray threads, a pocket knife can be an invaluable item to carry on any photoshoot. It’s also useful for last-minute grooming needs. And if you can find one with a built-in toothpick, all the better: That way, when you inevitably notice broccoli stuck in the mother of the bride’s teeth, you’ll have an elegant solution for its removal (don’t worry, they’re washable). 

Safety pins

Accidents happen, and there’s nothing worse than a wardrobe malfunction on someone’s wedding day—delicate dresses are incredibly easy to tear! Come prepared with a small handful of safety pins, just in case. They take up no space in a bag and cost next to nothing, but in the right situation, they can be a day-saver. 


Speaking of accidents, sometimes the combination of revelry and libations can lead to bodily mishaps. While packing a full first aid kit might be (Read more…)