Abracadabra—Insta360 Makes Your DJI Drone Invisible

This post is by Charles Haine from No Film School

Flying 360° footage always comes with the issue of hiding the drone, but Insta360 has a solution for the Air 2S.

The immersive power of 360° video is well documented, but it comes with its own array of challenges. One of the biggest is hiding camera support. How do you make the tripod, boom, gimbal, or even drone invisible in the final footage? This is complicated for all platforms, but is especially tricky when flying a 360° capture platform.

Insta360 solves this problem with a dedicated, custom rig that it calls the “Insta360 Sphere.”

It puts a camera both above and below the drone, allowing for an immersive image with no visible support. Check out this incredible footage before we dive in:

Ominous Name, Immersive Image

The system takes advantage of the preexisting Insta360 tech, including flowstate stabilization and a sophisticated stitching algorithm to automatically create 5.7K 360° footage.

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