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Money and financial planning can be a looming dark cloud for some people. With money being the biggest stressor and leading cause of divorce, it can sometimes be a tricky topic to navigate. My longtime friend Chris Hutchins joins me as we discuss ways you can optimize your life. Chris and I both worked as photographers and have grown our professional careers in parallel. Chris is a Life Hacker, Product Builder at Wealthfront—a company that helps people grow wealth through investing—and host of All the Hacks Podcast.  As an avid life hacker, Chris has seen success upgrading his life without having to spend a fortune. Chris has been featured in a documentary and other media outlets for collecting over 10 million credit card points! Chris’ insight on the topic can help you take inventory of untapped potential and hack your life as well. Here are five tips for hacking your life. Set Aside a Few Months of Savings Before getting into the more intricate aspects of life hacking, it’s important to have a solid financial base. A way to do so is to set aside a few months’ worth of cash. Whether you can afford to set aside 3 months, […]

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