Do Movie Stars Still Matter for Indie Filmmakers?

This post is by Corridor from No Film School

Is Tom Cruise the last movie star? We’re not buying it.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Defining what it means to really be a “movie star”
  • Whether franchise movies mean less power for actors
  • Letting CGI Stan Lee live in Marvel movies forever
  • Measuring success and significance in the film industry and media
  • Pre-digital effects feelings and the different joys actors bring
  • Tom Cruise vs. Tyler Perry and how Tyler Perry is the modern Charlie Chaplin
  • Why indie films no longer need a big celebrity who’s trying to be serious
  • The challenge of finding an audience interested in your work
  • Recognizing that different people scale to different-sized screens
  • Benefits of casting the actor who’s good and right for the part
  • Sirui’s affordable lenses and the growing lens space

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