Guillermo del Toro Worries Modern Cinema Is Unsustainable

This post is by Jason Hellerman from No Film School

Guillermo del Toro has some feelings about the way Hollywood is going…

It seems like Cannes is not only a gathering to watch a lot of movies, but it has become a place where we debate and theorize what the future of film holds. Over the pandemic, everything changed. And even the most esteemed filmmakers are putting together what comes next. One of those filmmakers is Guillermo del Toro. He recently spoke at a Cannes symposium where he unpacked where cinema is going.

“There are many answers to what the future is. The one I know is not what we have right now. It is not sustainable. In so many ways, what we have belongs to an older structure,” he said.

Del Toro talked about the 1920s transition from silent films to talkies and how drastic that was, then he goes on to say this might be even bigger. “That’s how profound the change is. We are finding that it is more than the delivery system that is changing. It’s the relationship to the audience that is shifting. Do we hold it, or do we seek and be adventurous?”

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