How Is An Image Captured By a Camera?

This post is by Nicholas Mitchell from Photodoto

Photography has become a part of our lives. We’re taking images every day, sharing them with friends and family, and quietly encouraging others to do so without even realizing it, resulting in an incredible amount of photos being taken globally.

Pressing the shutter release button starts a chain reaction inside a camera, leading to an image being recorded. It’s a series of events that happen one after the other inside the camera, all triggered by pressing the shutter release button. It’s like a domino effect – smooth and efficient.

Ever wondered what exactly transpires inside a camera during that process of image-making? Did you ever want to know how a camera captures an image? Today, we’ll learn all about that and more.

How Does a Camera Work?

The camera is a light-tight box with a small hole at one end. Light enters the camera through that hole, and an image is formed on a photographic medium. This is the simplest explanation of the inner functions of a camera. However, beyond this simple explanation, about a hundred different processes happen like clockwork.

From Light to Image, How Is an Image Formed Inside a Camera?

Thanks to the arrival of powerful smartphones with built-in camera systems, there is a capable camera in almost every hand around the globe. If the Kodak Brownie brought photography to the average consumer, smartphones have definitely brought photography within everyone’s reach.

Regardless of the make or model of the camera that you look at, it’s essentially made up of three main parts. We can segregate them into the lens, the camera body, and the light-sensitive medium, which converts optical signals into electronic information.

Light rays enter the camera through the lens. They pass through the camera body and hit the sensor at the back of the camera, (Read more…)