Is Photography a Dying Industry?

This post is by Nicholas Mitchell from Photodoto

Oh, the good old days. The days when taking a photograph was a rare occasion. Those are the words that someone born way back in the early to mid-20th century would tell a millennial or a Gen Z youngster. You can tell how their eyes would light up when taking you through the few available photos of their young escapades.

man with camera on cliff

As you travel down history lane, you can’t help but wonder how far technology has brought the photography industry. You imagine how someone who didn’t get to witness how technologically advanced photography has become would marvel at people taking selfies. You also wonder about the future of photography – what would it look like a few decades down the line? Will photography vanish, or will it flourish to infinity? Let’s find out!

In general, photography is not a dying industry. There have been great strides in technology that have availed some of the best photography equipment the world has ever witnessed. The stiff competition in this industry has also seen the best photographers win awards for their unique pieces. The photography industry is only changing for the better, making it one of the most lucrative businesses individuals can venture into.

Even better, the presence of social media platforms has increased the demand for photography. Businesses and individuals use it for marketing their products online and attracting customers. Therefore, there will be a continued demand for professional photography to help brands reach out to their customers and market themselves.

This industry has also been at the forefront of capturing and maintaining historical moments worldwide. Photography covers everything, from landmark election victories in the world’s most powerful economies to a gut-wrenching photo of a starving child in a poor third-world country. All it takes is one timely photo that speaks volumes about (Read more…)