My single most hated feature in Adobe Premiere Pro

This post is by Scott Simmons from ProVideo Coalition

This is a post that is a longtime coming because this little “feature” has been in Premiere Pro for a long time. It’s something I’ve discussed both publicly and privately, with Premiere editors and Adobe engineers. It’s not exactly a “feature” I don’t think but rather just the way it operates when you’re doing a specific thing. It’s something you probably don’t think about or might not have ever encountered without a very specific sequence of events happening. It’s not flashy and it isn’t a change the marketing department would ever boast about and a press release but it’s the kind of thing that if you encounter it you encounter it a lot and it’s a real pain to work around.

It’s also the kind of feature that is what I often call an engineer feature and not an editor feature meaning it’s the kind of thing that seems logical when an engineer is designing a non-linear editing application but in the real world of editing it does not behave the way most editors would want for most common editing use cases.

Allow me to step up…

What is this hated thing I’m talking about?

I’m talking the tiny little + thingy that pops up in the timeline track patch panel when whatever you have loaded in the Source Monitor has more audio or video tracks than the currently loaded timeline.

My single most hated feature in Adobe Premiere Pro 5

There’s a few reasons that this little feature is so hated by editors everywhere (at least by me and most every editor I’ve talked to about it) so let’s break those down.

Yes, yes it is.

I don’t want my NLE doing something without my expressed permission

Editors want control over their NLE and while we welcome automation and most simplification what we don’t want is the NLE (Read more…)