Seth Green’s NFT TV Character Is Stolen and Might Derail His TV Show

This post is by Jason Hellerman from No Film School

NFTs are hard to track…

Actor and producer Seth Green is known for roles in Austin Powers, Entourage, and his work with Robot Chicken. His new show, Darkwing84, is now in danger, thanks to its title character being stolen.

Let me explain.

Earlier this year, Green was targeted by a phishing scam that stole several of his NFTs. One of those NFTs was a Bored Ape named Fred Simian. That ape was set to be the title character in his new animated show. But when the NFT was stolen, the copyright for the character disappeared too.

This means that Green and the show don’t own the likeness of the ape they were going to use—because that ape was then sold to a third party who now owns the copyright. It’s effectively a hostage.

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