The RØDECaster Pro II Gives Us the Future of Audio Content Creation

This post is by Sunny Shrestha from No Film School

Podcast, shmodcast. The future of audio content is truly uninhibited.

When a young Roger Deakins went out to film his first film projects back in the early 1970s, do you think he had any idea of which digital audio recorder he would eventually pick to use for his Team Deakins podcast in the 2020s?

Or do you think he was more focused on how to set up his camera, light his scene, and get the most cinematic footage possible for his shot?

It’s funny to think about how fast technology has evolved over the years, and just how drastically things can change in terms of the content we both produce and consume.

One area which is growing rapidly is audio content. Whether that be podcasts, livestreams, music recording sessions, or yes—even traditional film and video—audio is becoming a huge part of our daily lives.

As such, it’s always important to highlight some new innovations and releases in the space, including new audio production consoles, which seem to be targeted at podcasters, but in reality, could serve so much more in the future.

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