TIPA dubs its top new camera gear of the year

Nikon Z9
Nikon’s Z9 flagship looks good in a plant. Stan Horaczek

The Technical Imaging Press Association (TIPA) has just announced the winners of its 2022 World Awards. Even if you haven’t heard much about the association, you’ve likely seen its logo and “award winning” pop up in advertising for camera gear over the past 30 years. 

What are the TIPA awards?

The TIPA World Awards are presented by the Technical Imaging Press Association, a group of 26 independent photography magazines from around the world. (In the US, Rangefinder and Digital Imaging Reporter are members.) The group has been giving out its awards since 1991.

Of course, over the years the categories have changed somewhat. Originally, they celebrated film cameras and film stocks, before transitioning to DSLRs and then mirrorless cameras. For 2022, for example, the aard categories were updated to remove the “Expert” tier of gear and combine the three APS-C categories down to one, while adding the Best Rangefinder Camera, Best Micro Four Thirds Camera, and Best Camera Innovation categories, and splitting Best Professional Hybrid Camera into 4K and 8K sub-categories. 

While this kind of shuffling and adding niche categories could make it easier for companies to win awards (which is a fair criticism), we feel the categories are also a reasonable reflection of the state of the industry. APS-C cameras simply aren’t as relevant as they were five years ago—though with Canon’s announcement of the R7 and R10, that may change.

Do these awards matter?

Sure, to the camera companies who can now use “award winning” in their advertising, the TIPA World Awards are useful, but we’re long past the point where this kind of publicity could make or break a camera. They’re a fun legacy but if you want to know whether the (Read more…)