Wide Non-Fisheye Lens – Types, Benefits, Examples

This post is by Nicholas Mitchell from Photodoto

If you ever needed a wide-angle lens or generally wanted to capture an ultra-wide-angle, you’ve probably went with a wide lens with the fisheye effect, especially if you needed to do some outdoor photography.

But is that the only way that wide-angle photography could be done?

While these are the most used wide-angle lenses, fisheye lenses are not the only option you have, and you can do wide-angle photography without that effect if you don’t like it.

In this article, I will go through some of the benefits that you’ll have if you opt for shooting with wide-angle lenses, as well as what are some of the best wide-angle lenses without the fisheye effect that you can purchase. So, without further ado, let’s get you some amazing wide-angle photos!

Benefits Of Having Wide Angle Lens Without Fisheye Effect

The main way we differentiate wide-angle lenses from other ones is by the focal length being 35mm and below, and they usually drop to 24mm. If you see something with a focal length that’s even lower than that, then you have ultra-wide-angle lenses in front of you.

The first and most obvious benefit that you’ll get when taking photos with wide-angle lenses is sharpness. Sharpness is something that is highly important for good photos, so if you want to be sure that you’ll get that, the best lenses won’t be the ones with a short focal length.

Relating to that, photos taken with wide-angle prime lenses tend to have way more texture to them, and having appropriate texture is how you get the essence of your subjects.

Obviously, with wide-angle lenses, you’ll be able to get more things in your photo, meaning that you don’t have to change the composition that you wanted to capture at first. You’ll really get everything in (Read more…)