How Did ‘Indiana Jones 5’ Make Harrison Ford Look 40 Years Younger?

This post is by Alyssa Miller from No Film School

A young Harrison Ford will return in Indiana Jones 5 through this de-aging effect.

De-aging has become a staple in Hollywood cinema, with filmmakers returning well-known actors with lengthy careers to their youth for flashback scenes like in The Irishman or for wild sci-fi action films like Gemini Man.

Now, Indiana Jones 5 will be taking the titular character, played by Harrison Ford, back to his glory days. The de-aged visual effect was confirmed when the first images from the film debuted exclusively in Empire magazine, showing Indiana Jones as we remember him from the original trilogy.

The de-aging technology is only used in the film’s opening scene, which is set in a castle in 1944 and pits Indiana against a group of Nazis. The goal was to make the opening scene feel like “found footage” that “they shot 40 years ago.”

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