James Cameron Said “Get the F*** Out” to Fox Executive Who Tried to Shorten ‘Avatar’

This post is by Alyssa Miller from No Film School

Never cross James Cameron, the keeper of grudges.

After nearly 40 years of filmmaking, James Cameron has made a name for himself as one of the most influential modern American filmmakers, turning out big blockbusters that make studio executives foam at the mouth. The success of Titanic and Avatar can not be overstated when talking about modern-day blockbusters, and it’s mostly because Cameron has a keen sensibility for what he and the audience will find entertaining.

He lives to make great films that excite and entertain, but not everyone agrees with Cameron’s vision for a successful film. Those people, unfortunately, meet Cameron’s infamous temper.

The filmmaker revealed in a new GQ interview that he told an unnamed executive at Fox who begged Cameron to make Avatar shorter months before the 2009 epic would hit theaters, “The time for you to love the movie is today.”

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