Moon Smart Focus Uses AI to Track Your Meatbags

This post is by Charles Haine from No Film School

Machine learning comes to high-end cinema autofocus from Moon Smart Focus.

We’ve known that machine learning and AI are going to change our jobs for a while. Now we have yet another example of how change is coming from a Swedish startup with the Moon Smart Focus, a focus assist tool designed for high-end cinema production that uses a depth-sensing camera and a machine learning algorithm to identify subjects in the frame and track their distance. Something similar was just released with the new Sony A7R.

Built by a small team, with a group of dedicated machine learning devs continually working to refine the project, it’s already rolling out on some of the most exciting productions of the year.

Focus with AI

The Moon Smart Focus is built around two items, a “brain” that processes data and runs the model, and a sensor that you mount on the camera, which senses the depth of all the subjects in front of the camera. The depth camera is just a commercially available Intel Realsense unit. This is great for keeping things more affordable and flexible.

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