4 Things I Learned About Failure

This post is by Chase from Chase Jarvis Photography

There’s a saying that goes: Plan for Success, Learn from Failure While I’d anticipated a demand for frequent updates of Best Camera if we succeeded—I’d baked it into the contract—what I had not anticipated was the possibility of such incredibly rapid success. I’d structured an agreement with the developers based on the idea that the app would take a while to achieve liftoff. The revenue split favored me once their initial investment was repaid. That was my failure of imagination. As a result, I hadn’t given any thought to the possibility of overnight success removing most of their financial incentive to keep working on it. As Best Camera stagnated, the online reaction went from the occasional tweeted tirade from a passionate fan to literally thousands of people openly begging for an update. The cold reality was that I couldn’t give it to them. I had no access to the code. I couldn’t migrate it anywhere else. I couldn’t access the App Store to see download data or revenue. I couldn’t even update the marketing copy. I was locked out. There I was with an App of the Year award, my vision for the future of mobile photography only partially realized, […]

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