5 Reasons AI Will (Probably) Never Replace Human Video Editors

This post is by Sunny Shrestha from No Film School

AI is here, but can it really replace you when it comes to video editing?

We’re not even halfway through the year, but 2023 has certainly already become the year of artificial intelligence (or, as it’s more commonly known now, AI). From AI-powered products and updates from NAB to new short films and other AI-produced projects hitting the internet, there’s so much to follow and keep tabs on — especially if you’re worried about AI eventually taking your job.

While I’d personally argue that AI will most likely be used more for speeding up workflows and reducing grunt work on most productions, there is a looming threat of full AI replacement for different film and video professionals.

One of the first arenas in which AI looks to move into is video editing. But how real is this threat today? More importantly, are there some ways (and some research proving) that AI might not fully replace human editors?

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