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I’m back! 1,725 miles in the car, five States, 34 MPG, three hotels and one guest room. Old pet peeve: one semi trying to pass another while going the exact same speed. New pet peeve: I’ll tell you tomorrow.


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Sebastian Broll: “Question from a non-native speaker. What is a ‘semi’? ‘Hemi’ I would have understood, but those I’d not expect to perform endless overtaking moves.  ;-)  Cheers, Sebastian (waiting for an X-Pro3 to be delivered).”

Mike replies: Sorry. What I meant is a tractor-trailer. A semi-trailer is a trailer that bears its own weight only on the back end; the front end is supported by the rear wheels of the tractor, which is the part with the engine and the cabin where the driver sits. A tractor can drive without a trailer, but a trailer can’t roll without a tractor. You can see a diagram with the parts labeled here. And congratulations on the b*tchin’ new Fuji!

Sean: “Re ‘New pet peeve: I’ll tell you tomorrow.’ Is it cliffhangers?”


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