Can ChatGPT Write A Good Screenplay? That Depends on Who Holds the Knife

This post is by Yaroslav Altunin from No Film School

Filmmaker Noam Kroll dove into the deep end of AI to find out what ChatGPT can do.

As I write this article, screenwriters are manning the picket lines. The 2023 Writers Strike is in full swing, and while the writers are asking for their fair share, there’s another issue at stake—AI replacing writers.

Writer Adam Conover shared a document on Twitter that showed the WGA proposals and the offers that the AMPTP countered with.

On the second page, the WGA asked for regulation on the use of artificial intelligence. Specifically, Al can’t write or rewrite literary material, can’t be used as source material, and MBA-covered material can’t be used to train Al.

According to the document, the AMPTP rejected our proposal and countered by offering annual meetings to discuss advancements in technology. What will happen remains to be seen.

The Experiment

While this is all going on, filmmaker Noam Kroll decided to see what ChatGPT could actually do. Could it really write a screenplay that will replace writers?

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