How Adobe’s Generative Fill Will Change Your Approach to AI Video Editing

This post is by Sunny Shrestha from No Film School

A look into how these new generative AI tools are undoubtedly coming to video editing soon as well.

Like many who work in the film and video industry, I have plenty of friends who also work in design or creative services roles. And trust me, while AI is wreaking havoc on the professional video world, it’s absolutely demolishing the creative design profession as well. (After all, as we’ve established, there are indeed some elements of video editing which AI probably won’t ever truly replace.)

Still, with the news of a new Generative Fill tool coming to Photoshop, we can’t help but wonder not just what new generative AI tools Adobe (and other NLE manufacturers) plan to release to apps like Premiere Pro and After Effects here soon. And that’s really the takeaway from this news. It’s not a question of if anymore — it’s simply when.

Let’s take a deeper dive into this new Generative Fill tool for Photoshop and explore how it might be a good leader for what other generative AI tools we can expect to shape the future of video editing as well.

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