I Made My First Feature and Got It Into Kevin Smith’s Festival

This post is by Logan Baker from No Film School

From inspiration to distribution, this is how the Run, Rabbit team made their feature debut dreams come true.

This post was written by Christopher Studenka.

We had a vision and a belief. Fresh off making two award-winning short films, my writer/director friend, Justin Rose, and I fully believed we could make a feature film and, more importantly, a good one. We brought in a fellow actor friend, Greg Wave, to help.

Greg and I had done many a failed pilot and film project together and always thought making something ourselves would be more beneficial. Justin had written a tremendous script and written it in a way to be made with a low budget.

That became the genesis of what would become the three of us making Run Rabbit.

Beyond making the film, our true goal was to get it into the top film festivals and then hopefully get recognition for any of us individually or all together. Ultimately, we hoped we could secure a deal.

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