Never order directly from Nikon (Nikon cancels Z8 orders without explanation)

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Some readers are discovering why I never recommend buying gear directly from Nikon – they have limited resources and are not really set up as a retailer. Amazon also used to cancel orders, but they have been much better lately and I have not heard of any issues. Here is an email I got from a reader:

Hi. I’m not normally the type to comment online, but I just had an experience with NikonUSA that reminded me of In my case though, there was no credit card change. NikonUSA attempted to charge my card for a Z8 preorder, and it was declined because the bank thought it was fraud. NikonUSA then decided to cancel the preorder, which my bank tells me is not normal protocol and they have never heard of happening, as a store is supposed to check with the customer. Nikon support so far has told me there is nothing they can do but try to order again – which I imagine I’d be waiting until next year for. So, I guess Nikon’s credit card problems are still ongoing.

Another one:

“About your recent article. I too have had my order cancelled. They told me to call my bank. I did, my bank told me they let the transaction through and it was Nikon that cancelled/refunded my order. I have debit and credit showing on my account now. So I do believe it is Nikon screwing things up. I reordered today again and low and behold Nikon cancelled this new order too. I pre-ordered on day 1 and now have to wait for the next batch to ship. This is ridiculous!”

A reader cannot change or update credit card info with Nikon USA, loses his place in the queue for the Nikkor Z 600 lens

Plenty of similar problems were reported online: Reddit (see also this discussion), BCGforums (see also this post), Dpreview (see also this thread):

Nikon Z8 Preorder Cancelled
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