So, You Want to Make a Movie About Cheerleaders?

This post is by Jason Hellerman from No Film School

It’s funny how things grow on you…

This post was written by Traci Hays.

As someone who hates the color pink and never understood the point of cheerleaders, Blood, Sweat and Cheer would not seem like the obvious project for me to take on.

But I love a good challenge and after reading the script for the first time, I was blown away by the clever, witty writing by Barbara Zagrodnik full of twists and turns. My entire opinion of cheerleaders changed after watching the first episode of Netflix’s Cheer. I had no idea how dangerous, competitive, and technical cheerleading is.

They are true athletes!

While they had months to practice their routines, the film’s cheer teams had two weeks to learn their routines… and with the help of the very talented choreographer, Tessa Garcia, delivered dynamic performances.

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