‘The Wire’ Creator David Simon Would “Rather Put a Gun in My Mouth” Than Use AI

This post is by Jason Hellerman from No Film School

We all have feelings about AI, but David Simon is better at summing them up.

The hottest thing to talk about in Hollywood right now is AI. Everyone wants to know what people think of it and if they plan on using it. Enter David Simon, the creator of The Wire and one of the most esteemed writers in all of Hollywood.

Like the rest of the WGA, Simon is on strike for a fair deal. And, like the rest of the writers, Simon is negotiating with studios that would not even engage with writers on their AI worries.

In a recent interview with NPR, Simon says when it comes to using AI to solve script problems instead of working them out himself, “I’d rather put a gun in my mouth.”

Simon has long been a champion of writers, and when it comes to the recent negotiations, he has a lot of feelings on the subject. When it comes to a writer possibly using AI as a tool, Simon feels fine with that.

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