Ultralight Control Systems announces rebrand

This post is by David Goodman from ProVideo Coalition

Ultralight Control Systems announces rebrand 2Ken Kollwitz, owner and president of Ultralight Control Systems Inc. is proud to announce his company’s rebrand as Ultralight Camera Solutions. Located in the heart of Ventura County, this small but mighty manufacturing business has been supplying high-quality camera accessories to customers for nearly 30 years.

“The rebranding was done to better align Ultralight with the growing underwater and cinema industry. Also, the new name gave more meaning to what Ultralight is all about. We exist to provide underwater and cinema communities with solutions and new ideas to better enjoy their passion and to do their jobs,” said Mr. Kollwitz.

Ever since Ken bought the company in March 2020, Ultralight has fine-tuned its purpose and pushed into an exciting new stage of growth. Some would think buying a business during the beginning of Covid-19 epidemic would be the worst thing you could do. But it turned out to be one of the best things that could happen for the new start of Ultralight Control Systems. Ken shared how there was much more time to make some needed changes and prep the new warehouse.

In the past three years, Ken and his team secured the trademark for Ultralight, introduced new products and forged new connections with underwater and cinema industry professionals who are now Ultralight brand ambassadors.

The Ultralight team is thrilled to announce the new brand’s launch this May with the creation of a new logo, newly designed website, new kit/packages for camera arms and trays and more. Keep your eyes on this brand as it continues to expand products and introduce new solutions to keep divers and cinematographers on the cutting-edge of the field.


About Ultralight Camera Solutions

Ultralight started back in 1995, when Terry Schuller and Dave Reid ran the business from their house in Oxnard, CA. In its early days, the company was known for its camera arms, clamps, trays, and strobe adapters. Its love affair with the cinematography industry began around 2005, when industry professionals took notice of the company’s products and soon turned into loyal customers. Today, Ultralight continues its legacy of producing American-made camera accessories under the leadership of current owner and president Ken Kollwitz.


About Ken Kollwitz

Ken Kollwitz brings a background in heavy equipment mechanics and a passion for diving to international customers in need of American-made high-quality camera accessories to customize their camera setups. When not channeling his energies into fulfilling client orders at Ultralight, you can find him diving off the coast of British Columbia or leading diving trips through his side hustle, Channel Islands Dive Adventures.