What Is the DGA Willing To Strike For?

This post is by Alyssa Miller from No Film School

In three weeks, we will know if the DGA hits the picket lines. Until then, let’s go over what they are fighting for.

As we move into the third week of the writers’ strike, the Directors Guild of America (DGA) sits at the table with the AMPTP, negotiating a deal that could help everyone in the film industry. If the DGA and the AMPTP are unable to reach an agreement, then the DGA will hit the picket lines for the first time in 36 years (but our grapevine says that a deal may be within reach).

A DGA deal is critical at this point. While the DGA isn’t fighting for the exact same things as the WGA, they are strong-arming the AMPTP to increase international residuals, provide more creative freedoms on set, and increase wages. If the DGA reaches a deal, then the WGA will have more leverage to reach an agreement.

But what is the deal that the DGA is fighting for?

The DGA committee chair Jon Avnet and co-chairs Todd Holland and Karen Gaviola laid out in a bullet-point list what they are fighting to help protect directors. Those priorities include:

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