Immersive Visor: a PC VR headset designed for laptop users

This post is by Jose Antunes from ProVideo Coalition

Immersive Visor: a PC VR headset designed for laptop usersThe team behind the new VR headset Visor believes their product has a specific type of client: laptop users who want to be able to use large screens wherever they go, Huge screens with 4K each!

With the Immersed software it is possible to spawn up to 5 virtual monitors from your computer into VR without any additional hardware! Immersive claims that with its app you can “Work Faster in VR Than in Real Life”, while having your own private workspace where you can “hyperfocus for hours on end without any distractions!”… if your neck does not get sore from wearing  a VR headset – or some of them – for long hours.

Now, and because most of the headsets available continue to be bulky and heavy for the intended use Immersive has for its Immersed app, the company introduces its own headset, Visor, designed with a tech giant yet to be revealed. The immersive Visor is designed with productivity in mind, and Immersive says they are not inventing anything new, just optimizing a product for a very specific use and goal: to give laptop users a tool that will allow them to have their – huge –  working space available, anywhere they go. Follow the link to see the presentation.

The Visor headset is 25% lighter than a smartphone, fits on the palm of your hand, features a 100-degree field of view and has two 4K Micro OLED screens offering the resolution needed for users not to feel the need to use a conventional monitor. Renjy Bijoy, founder and CEO of Immersed VR says that “it is just so important for us to be presenting sharp screens to people because then the alternative is they could just have their physical 4K screen in real life” adding that “the downside to having a physical real-life monitor is they can’t take it with them anywhere…” and that’s where Visor comes in. Now you can!

Immersive Visor: a PC VR headset designed for laptop usersBoth a wired and wireless PC VR headset

The Visor is both a wired and wireless PC VR headset, an option Bijoy believes makes absolute sense. He says, “I feel wired is super underrated” and points out that a lot of premium wireless headsets that exist today offer little more than one and half hours of battery life before users have to plug them to their computer. The Visor, being hardwired to the laptop, not only gets power but also offers a lower latency and way higher resolution. Immersive also found that a lot of users of its Immersed app don’t mind being wired, as they are working at their desk.

The Immersive Visor offers both options, wired and wireless, so users, when they need to walk somewhere – using the passthrough mode – just need to unplug the device, plugging it back in when returning. The PC VR headset, which will be compatible with Mac, windows and Linux, is introduced as a key tool for laptops uses who want to expand their desktop space virtually. During the announcement Renjy Bijoy, noted that probably a large percentage percent of the people watching the announcement would be watching on a laptop, and it’s for them the Visor is being launched.

Immersive Visor: a PC VR headset designed for laptop usersTwice the field of view of AR glasses

In fact, the Visor is not an AR/VR headset that is generalized for gaming, training, or entertainment. Visor is focused on a complementary market segment (professionals) and is specifically optimized for work. While some people believe that AR glasses will be better, the team behind the Visor says that it has TWICE the field of view of AR glasses so you can see multiple screens simultaneously. Also, it offers both AR and VR experiences so you can also enter full immersion to remove distractions when needed. And Visor runs Immersed, the most used AR/VR work application on the planet. Final point: Visor tracks with 6 degrees of freedom to prevent nausea.

Designed specifically for each user, from IPD to the face mask contour – like the Big Screen Beyond VR headset – the Immersive Visor is scheduled to make it to the market in 2024, but the company is inviting people to register for the waitlist now. The price is still not known, but it’s not going to  be cheap. Still, it will probably cost less than Apple’s device.