Insta360 X3 Invisible Dive Kit for crystal clear 360 footage

This post is by Jose Antunes from ProVideo Coalition

Insta360 X3 Invisible Dive Kit for crystal clear 360 footageIntroduced as the first-of-its-kind setup, the new Insta360 X3 Invisible Dive Kit delivers epic third-person views and unobstructed 360 capture underwater when using the Insta360 X3 camera.

Seamless 360 filming underwater is the promise of the new product coming from Insta360. For the first time, the company says, “diving and action sports creators can unlock all of X3’s creative possibilities for underwater use, including the Invisible Selfie Stick effect, 360 filming and reframing, and more.”

Key to X3’s transformation is the revolutionary Invisible Dive Case accessory. With a new, innovative design, the case disappears completely for unobstructed, crystal clear 360 footage and seamless underwater stitching, with IPX8 waterproofing down to 164ft (50m). This is good news for those already using the camera underwater.

In fact, the Insta360 X3 has become a true favorite among action sports creators due to its creative possibilities. However, underwater capture has long been an industry-wide challenge for all 360 cameras, because a dive case is needed to ensure seamless stitching due to light refraction underwater. Design limitations meant previous cases were visible in the bottom area of the shot known as the “nadir”, thus limiting the use of the footage.

Insta360 X3 Invisible Dive Kit for crystal clear 360 footageDive case hides selfie stick

The X3 Invisible Dive Case has solved this problem, making seamless 360 underwater capture a reality. With an optimized design for better light transmission, there is no obstruction in the nadir and the selfie stick is automatically removed from the footage, just like on land.

“What makes this dive case so unique is that it actually hides the selfie stick underwater, making it completely invisible. I can now shoot third-person views of myself in some of the most stunning places on earth,” remarked Rachel Moore, professional underwater photographer.

Insta360 claims that the X3, which shoots 5.7K 360 videos and 72MP photos with dual 48MP 1/2″ sensors, achieves best-in-class image quality, even underwater. The magic of X3 though, the company adds, “is that it allows creators to shoot a 360-degree video, then choose where the camera is pointing during the edit, a process known as reframing. Just hit record and the camera films every possible angle, ready for creators to select the best options later in the Insta360 app. In the sea or ocean, surrounded by breathtaking scenery and wildlife that can appear from any angle at any moment, X3 captures it all.”

With the camera mounted on a selfie stick, X3 can even achieve impossible-looking third-person shots, where it almost looks like the camera is floating in the water in front of you. Creators can film themselves, their diving buddies, and their surroundings, with unparalleled freedom and ease.

Insta360 X3 Invisible Dive Kit for crystal clear 360 footageThe complete package

The camera’s renowned FlowState Stabilization and 360° Horizon Lock keep footage stable through rough conditions or shaky camera moves. The Insta360 app and Studio also feature AquaVision 2.0, an AI-powered tool that auto-corrects underwater coloring for a more natural-looking image.

In addition to unlocking incredible 360 features, shooting with the Insta360 X3 Invisible Dive Kit makes underwater filming safe and convenient:

  • Purpose-built case with an ultra-sealed structure has been stringently tested to ensure IPX8 waterproofing as deep as 164ft (50m).
  • Slim and portable design allows for easy mounting and storage, unlike “bubble” cases.
  • Creators can operate the camera easily while in the case using just two buttons, courtesy of a new, dedicated Dive Case mode.
  • Foggy lenses are a thing of the past with big improvements made to the case design, plus free anti-fog inserts are provided to ensure clarity is not compromised.
  • A 2.29″ ultra-bright touchscreen provides a clear display of the camera interface.
  • Long-life battery can shoot continuously for 80 minutes (more than enough for the average dive) with the option to pack spares and switch out on dry land.
  • Waterproof to 33ft (10m) without the case for above-water activities.
  • Also included in the kit are essential accessories such as the invisible selfie stick, as well as a floating hand grip for added peace of mind in case of accidental drops.

Insta360 X3 Invisible Dive Kit for crystal clear 360 footage

Intuitive editing with AI tools

Here is some more information shared by Insta360 regarding the software options of the X3, for those who might have forgotten all about the intuitive editing with AI tools:

Turning X3’s footage into a quick social post or mesmerizing underwater montage couldn’t be easier. The free Insta360 mobile app is perfect for on-the-go editing and sharing to social media. The app is packed full of handy AI-powered features, such as Deep Track 2.0 for automatic subject tracking. There are even options to let AI find the best parts of a video and put them together, or combine multiple clips with slick transitions and music. The options are endless.

For creators who prefer a desktop workflow, Insta360 Studio is also available for precise controls and maximized resolution.

The Insta360 X3 Invisible Dive Kit is truly a revolution for underwater videography, giving creators a unique set of tools to document and share their water-based adventures.

Available via the Insta360 Official Store worldwide and Amazon U.S., it retails at US$569.99 for the whole package, which includes the Insta360 X3 camera, Invisible Dive Case, 114cm Invisible Selfie Stick, Floating Hand Grip, and Lens Cap. For those who already own the camera, the Insta360 X3 Invisible Dive Case is available as a separate accessory for US$99.99.