More Visitors Than Ever!

This post is by Ron Dawson from The Online Photographer

According to my Typepad Dashboard, yesterday TOP got 150,860 visitors.

Unfortunately, that has to be a glitch. That’s more than double my all-time record for daily visitors, and it’s nearly thirty times the average traffic for the past week. Furthermore, it’s not reflected in the number of comments, Affiliate looks, or Referrers. I’ve asked Typepad to correct the error and remove the result from my recent stats.

Sigh. I would love to have that many viewers. Unfortunately, to accomplish that, I’d have to be making videos, writing only about products, and relentlessly structuring my my content as clickbait—not only in the title, but in the body of the content.

And if I did that, you probably wouldn’t be here.

Still, it would be nice. Here’s to illusions!


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