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Professional photographers run into all kinds of issues trying to do their work. Friend of mine was shooting a job for the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) at a location in Langley, Virginia, next to another Federal agency thought to be headquartered there. Tried to do the job using a drone…but sharpshooters from “the other agency” shot the drone out of the sky. “True story,” he says. So he went back to the drawing board. Had to hire a bucket truck, AKA a cherry picker, to take the picture for the FHWA.


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P.S. As of 1:00 ET Wednesday I’m all caught up on comments.

FOLLOWUP 4:30 Wednesday: I wrote to CIA Public Affairs:

Dear CIA,

I write a website for photographers that receives ~6,000-8,000 views per post. Recently I repeated a story that alleged that an unauthorized drone being operated near CIA headquarters was “shot down.” Many of my readers objected to this in one way or another.

So my questions are, 1.) does CIA control unauthorized drones being operated in its airspace, and 2.) does it have a way of doing so without endangering the public?

Kind regards, and thank you for your service.

The website says they read every inquiry sent to them. I’ll let you know if I get a response.

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