The Art Of Failure (And The Genius Of Recovering Quickly)

This post is by Chase from Chase Jarvis Photography

I was recently reminded that the fastest way to succeed is to fail. Literally. And yet the only reason this sounds a little weird, is because we’re constantly falling into a trap. There’s No Perfect Plan In fact, I fell into this trap myself not too long ago. I was trying to make this little project work out perfectly (installing a golf simulator at the studio)  I was doing all the calcs on paper… Making lists from the couch of what goes where, when and how, all before I had taken any action.  And when I finally got started – after all my oodles of planning – everything immediately fell apart. And then I immediately remembered.  The common belief is that all the decisions made in the right order gets us exactly the outcome we want.  But actually that’s the trap: what is in your head is purely conceptual.  It’s NOT REAL until it gets out of your head and into the world – and the real world is a glorious factory for mistakes.  So much so, that even the IDEA of avoiding mistakes is a lie sold to us by suckers who believe it’s a noble pursuit. This is […]

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