Adobe video-AI announcements for IBC

This post is by Rich Young from ProVideo Coalition

For the IBC 2023 conference, Adobe announced new AI and 3D features to Creative Cloud video tools, including Premiere Pro Enhance Speech for faster dialog cleanup, and filler word detection and removal in Text-Based Editing. There’s also new AI-based rotoscoping and a true 3D workspace in the After Effects beta, as well as new camera-to-cloud integrations and advanced storage options in

Adobe video-AI announcements for IBC 5

This is all part of a new general release for Creative Cloud. Firefly is proven and legal, and now out of beta (with a new Firefly web application). Firefly-powered generative AI capabilities are now natively integrated into Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe Express. Note that Creative Cloud, Firefly, and Express Premium plans take a step into a brave new world of Generative Credits – and a moderate price increase. Generative Credits limits (and amounts) will start November 1, 2023, the same time as Creative Cloud plan increases in North America, Central America, South America and Europe. For more information, see Adobe’s Generative Credit Plan Explained in Detail at Shutterbug.


Adobe video-AI announcements for IBC 6The new features for After Effects have already been available and progressing in the After Effects beta. Essential Properties in the Properties panel was formally released in the August 2023 release (version 23.6). The new 3D workspace is a true 3D workspace that lets users import, texture, light, shade and render high-quality 3D models inside of After Effects.

For details, see Feature Focus: Major changes to 3D model rendering and lighting and a new 3D FAQ by Tim Kurkoski. Beta features in AE’s quirky 3D space like Image-Based Lighting and Extract and animate cameras and lights from 3D models are ambitious, so we’ll see what’s working by the usual announcements at Adobe Max, October 10–12. Here’s a tidbit from Adobe and a take from Jake In Motion, MAJOR updates for 3D in After Effects! 


A new, AI-enhanced Roto Brush is also available in the After Effects beta app, enabling users to cut out objects from footage faster and more accurately than ever. The Next-Gen Roto Brush was introduced by Catie Bass in Next-Gen RotoBrush: Now Available in the After Effects Beta! Here’s the Adobe teaser, and something from Olufemii.


Adobe video-AI announcements for IBC 7Adobe’s top priority for Premiere Pro seems to be retaining customers by delivering tools designed with the editor in mind. This year, the Premiere team spoke with more than 1,000 professional editors to solicit feedback.

New AI features in Premiere Pro include Automatic filler word detection in Text-Based Editing and the new Enhance Speech feature to remove noise from voice recordings with a single click. The Premiere Pro timeline now up to 5x faster, with additional improvements in beta for simplified color preferences, improved tone mapping, new project templates, custom export locations, audio type tagging, and more.


By the way, PVC’s Scott Simmons has additional comments on features new in Premiere and in his earlier article, Adobe updates their video applications including a few signature features for Premiere Pro.

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