“Cabinet of Curiosities” DP Anastas Michos, ASC GSC // Frame & Reference

This post is by Kenny McMillan from ProVideo Coalition
Step into the fascinating realm of cinematography with our special guest, Anastas Michos, ASC GSC, DP of “The Autopsy” From Guillermo del Toro’s “Cabinet of Curiosities”. A seasoned expert in the field, Anastas unlocks the mysteries of television and feature film cinematography, highlighting the way technology is reshaping these two distinct mediums. We navigate the landscape of artificial intelligence and its impact on the world of filmmaking, as well as the unique perspectives of different unions and guilds.

In this engaging discussion, we venture into the realm of personalized creativity in cinematography. We grapple with the thorny issue of image authorship and the absence of laws in the United States that safeguard the creators of these images. Anastas enlightens us on how he navigates projects without relying on the safe and familiar, and what elements give a project an organic feel. We also explore the role of lenses, both physical and virtual, in crafting the look of an image.

As the conversation evolves, we explore the creative process of filmmaking. Anastas shares his insights on the influence of nostalgia and artificial intelligence on new ideas. We touch on the unique work of filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, delve into the intriguing concept of the Cabinet of Curiosities, and discuss Anastas’ experience working with actor F Murray Abraham. Brace yourself for a riveting expedition into the world of film production, full of collaboration, innovation, and a dash of humor. Don’t miss out!

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