How These SNL Editors Cut an Emmy-Nominated Sketch With 60+ VFX Shots in 2 Days

This post is by Nicco Valenzuela from No Film School

In today’s episode, No Film School’s GG Hawkins and Yaro Altunin speak with SNL editors, Chris Salerno, and Ryan Spears to discuss:

  • How Chris and Ryan started working at SNL
  • Common traits for people who succeed in their line of work
  • Realizing quickly that certain things are done for a reason
  • What it is was like editing the Mario Kart sketch
  • The biggest challenges they faced in editing the trailer
  • Telling jokes in the most efficient manner
  • Learning to trust your initial instincts
  • Advice for emerging sketch editors
  • Working with mixed frame rates
  • Favorite sketch moments of all time

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