Pro Vlogger Kit, the pinnacle of JOBY Creator Kits

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Pro Vlogger Kit, the pinnacle of JOBY Creator KitsProviding broadcast-level audio performance with premium camera support, the PRO Vlogger Kit from JOBY is the most sophisticated of the 4 new kits released by the company.

The go-to brand for content creator gear, JOBY,  recently announced the launch of their lineup of Creator Kits. Combining the latest JOBY microphones with the iconic GorillaPod for the ultimate creator set up that suits any vlog situation, they represent the evolution of the latest Wavo audio range. According to the company, the “4 unique combinations of impeccable sound and ultimate support, tailored to amplify the potential of vloggers at any proficiency level.”

The four new kits are the latest addition to the JOBY audio Wavo range and promise creators of any skill level to skyrocket their vlogging content creation. While the whole series is interesting and built for the different of different types of users… vloggers, it’s hard, here at ProVideo Coalition, not to look at the PRO Vlogger Kit, which is introduced as offering “broadcast-level audio performance with premium camera support.”

Built for storytellers, filmmakers and expert content creators, JOBY claims, the PRO Vlogger Kit features the Wavo PRO on-camera mic that combines premium, directional sound with innovative digital features and the most advanced GorillaPod to date – the GorillaPod 5K PRO to support up to 5kg of gear. The PRO Vlogger Kit has a price of $399.95 and is available from B&H.

Pro Vlogger Kit, the pinnacle of JOBY Creator KitsEssential Vlogger Kit

Here is some more information about the Wavo Pro that’s important to know: Active Noise Reduction (ANR) eliminates handling noise during on-the- go shooting and the dedicated app provides a full sound design control with EQ, presets and precise level management via safe track recording. Wavo PRO is interview-ready with an external input for supplementary sound sources like lavs or wireless receivers. Plug-and- play USB functionality makes voiceovers effortless whether in transit or in the studio. Real-time LED indicators for sound and battery levels maintain control even while on camera. The automatic power mode syncs Wavo PRO’s ON/OFF status with the camera, streamlining your workflow and conserving battery.

The Wavo Pro microphone is paired with the most advanced GorillaPod to date, the GorillaPod 5K PRO, which supports up to 5kg of gear, features a fully machined aluminium stand and a precision engineered ball head. Loved by the biggest creators on the planet, this kit will support vlog production in the most dynamic situations. Want a good example of someone using this kit professionally? Well, the PRO Vlogger Kit is used by Casey Neistat – who is considered to be the vlogging pioneer -,  to produce content for his 12.6 million YouTube subscribers.

On the other extreme of this new range is the Essential Vlogger Kit ($99.95), which will be good enough for many users. JOBY is aware that the modern compact vlogging cameras demand gear on par with their amazing features and has designed modern compact vlogging cameras demand gear on par with their amazing features and has designed a lightweight and feature-packed solution.

Pro Vlogger Kit, the pinnacle of JOBY Creator Kits

Real-Time Vlogger Kit

At the core of the Essential Vlogger Kit is the JOBY Wavo, an exceptionally lightweight on-camera microphone with a super-cardioid polar pattern that captures focused and directional sound. Crafted with a Hytrel Double Point Duo-Lyre by Rycote, this microphone’s super-cardioid pattern isolates the vlogger’s voice while the included foam windshield ensures clear sound by minimizing ambient distractions. Complementing this, JOBY claims, “ exceptional sound” is the vlog-proven GorillaPod 1K tripod. Its flexible legs provide stability and support on any surface up to 1kg (2.2 lbs), and the adjustable ball head elevates creators’ shots.

Another solution now announced is the Real-Time Vlogger kit ($199.95), which combines the world’s most popular tripod with a versatile microphone for ultimate vlogging prowess. The compact Wavo PLUS brings essential features without added weight, featuring a low-cut filter for sound management and safe-track functionality for clip-free audio. Enjoy integrated headphone monitoring for control during shooting and editing. Additionally, the plug-and-play USB feature allows Wavo PLUS to serve as your voiceover mic. “Achieving dynamic vlogging means conquering any environment”, according to JOBY.

The GorillaPod 3K is the ideal companion for vloggers and filmmakers alike, boasting a 3kg (6.6 lbs.) payload capacity and flexible legs for gripping, wrapping, or standing on any surface. Its built-in aluminum ball head facilitates leveling shots and portrait grips, and the combined quick release plus spirit level guarantees speedy, precise alignment.

Pro Vlogger Kit, the pinnacle of JOBY Creator KitsSkilled Vlogger Kit

For the best sound in a straightforward, no fuss package look no further than the Skilled Vlogger Kit ($299.95), the last of the four new kits from JOBY we mention here. Designed for creators that want to focus on their performance without having to worry about changing or managing settings, the Wavo PRO DS is paired with the GorillaPod 3K for the ultimate tools of the modern content creator.

Delivering true to-life directional sound capture ability with a streamlined control set, the Wavo PRO DS features front and back LEDs for easy audio and battery monitoring, automatic power on/off and plug and play functionality. Partnered with the GorillaPod 3K that grips, wraps or stands on any surface, this is the ultimate in simple yet quality setups.

The latest addition to the JOBY audio Wavo range, the four new kits are part of JOBY’s ongoing dedication to supporting creators in uplifting their creativity, providing an ecosystem of products that streamlines the production, enhancing the creation of unconventional content while enjoying the process along the way.

Since the inception of the first GorillaPod JOBY has always stood for creativity and quality. Constantly innovating to provide creators with gear that can be relied upon and that simplify their creation process, the GorillaPod tripod and Wavo microphones are the gear of choice for creators all over the world including the renowned Casey Neistat. And he uses a Pro Vlogger Kit.



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