The Alan Smithee Round Table – Strada and Exploring the Cloud Marketplace

This post is by Art of the Frame from ProVideo Coalition

In the latest episode of the Alan Smithy podcast, guests Katie Henson and Michael Kammes’ are joined by guest Michael Cioni to discuss his latest project. Strada, which is an AI-powered marketplace that aims to revolutionize the content creation industry by offering task-specific tools to improve workflow quality. It provides a platform for users to discover, purchase, and utilize these tools, making it accessible to creatives of varying expertise levels. Strada challenges the slow adoption of new technology in Hollywood, democratizing the industry and empowering users with markets. It prioritizes ethical AI usage and enables users to search for models that meet their specific requirements. Strada focuses on utility AI to streamline tasks in media creation and post-production, offering flexible options for local data or cloud-based processing. It also simplifies media management and offers AI tools to improve footage quality. The alpha version will be released in January, followed by a beta version in six months, and a free version will be initially offered.

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