Weekly Nikon news flash #746

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→ Sony announced new 960GB and 1920GB CFexpress Type B TOUGH memory cards.

Shoten added a new Nikon F version of the Leica M mount R50 adapter series (available for sale on eBay). Other versions of the adapter can be found here.

Meike announced a new drop-in filter adapter for PL to Z-mount.

Adobe to increase Creative Cloud prices after reporting another record-breaking quarter.

Nikon USA is still canceling existing pre-orders (see previous reports).

B&H Bild Expo 2023 Recap.

Choosing a camera for wildlife photography.
Choosing a lens for wildlife photography.

→ Nikon Chengdu store (China) limited edition items.

Nikon announced four new ambassadors.

Nikon will take part in the 2023 PHOTOPIA show in Hamburg (September 21-24).

Nikon Female Facets.

→ The latest Nikon-related YouTube video:

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