Editors on Editing w/ “Dumb Money” Editor: Kirk Baxter

This post is by Art of the Frame from ProVideo Coalition

In the latest podcast episode of the collaboration between American Cinema Editors and Pro Video Coalition, Glenn Garland and Kirk Baxter discuss their experiences editing various films and working with directors like David Fincher and Craig Gillespie. They also delve into the complexity of editing ensemble films and the challenges of incorporating stock footage.

One specific topic the two discuss is the opening sequence of the film “Dumb Money” and how it was crafted for maximum impact. They emphasize the importance of effectively conveying information and keeping the audience engaged. Details with the red bandana graphics in the sequence are explored, and the two talk through everything from Paul Dano’s performance, to shooting with multiple cameras to TikTok videos.

They also detail why choosing projects wisely is so important, as the process can be an uphill battle with infinite possibilities. The two outline hope for the “little guy” in an industry tainted by a broken system.


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