Best memory cards for Nikon Z8 (real benchmark test results)

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Alik Griffin published detailed test results on various CFexpress type B and UHS-II memory cards used with the Nikon Z8 cameras. Here is the list of recommended memory cards for the Z8 (all numbers are MB/s):

Recommended Memory CardsUSB WriteUSB ReadZ9/Z8
Lexar 128/256/512GB Diamond16171700697
Lexar Gold 1TB/2TB16421695699
Prograde Cobalt 165/325/650GB14291029698
Prograde 1TB/2TB gen315161108634
Delkin Black 150/325/650GB14251545700
Delkin G4 650/1TB/1.3TB/2TB15881710640
Delkin G4 128/165/256/325/5129201226638
Nikon 660GB13971574698
Wise Pro 160/320GB12571536593
Wise 1TB Mk II1108989637
Angelbird Pro XTII 330/660/1320GB15841516699
OWC Atlas Ultra 165/325/650GB14011579698

Next is the full list of tested memory cards (see his article for more details):

Memory CardsSpeed ClassUSB WriteUSB ReadZ9/Z8
Lexar 128/256/512GB DiamondCFx-B1617 MB/s1700 MB/s697 MB/s
Lexar Gold 1TB/2TBCFx-B1642 MB/s1695 MB/s699 MB/s
Lexar Gold 64/128/256/512GBCFx-B1410 MB/s1525 MB/s680 MB/s
Lexar Silver 512GBCFx-B1141 MB/s1624 MB/s678 MB/s
Lexar Silver 128/258CFx-B749 MB/s1719 MB/s528 MB/s
Sandisk Pro-Cinema 256GBCFx-B755 MB/s1177 MB/s632 MB/s
Sandisk Extreme 512GBCFx-B
Sandisk Extreme 128/256GBCFx-B429 MB/s1144 MB/s500 MB/s
Sony Tough 128/256/512GBCFx-B1334 MB/s1603 MB/s693 MB/s
ProGrade Cobalt CF4.0 1.3TBCFx-B 4.0
Prograde Cobalt 165/325/650GBCFx-B1429 MB/s1029 MB/s698 MB/s
Prograde 1TB/2TB gen3CFx-B1516 MB/s1108 MB/s634 MB/s
Prograde 512GB gen3CFx-B1569 MB/s1707 MB/s629 MB/s
Prograde 256GB gen3CFx-B1334 MB/s835 MB/s391 MB/s
Prograde 128GB gen2CFx-B679 MB/s778 MB/s244 MB/s
Delkin Black 150/325/650GBCFx-B1425 MB/s1545 MB/s700 MB/s
Delkin Black 75GBCFx-B1172 MB/s1573 MB/s698 MB/s
Delkin Power G4 650/1TB/1.3TB/2TBCFx-B1588 MB/s1710 MB/s640 MB/s
Delkin Power G4 128/165/256/325/512GBCFx-B920 MB/s1226 MB/s638 MB/s
Nikon 660GBCFx-B1397 MB/s1574 MB/s698 MB/s
Hoodman Steel 128GBCFx-B580 MB/s969 MB/s447 MB/s
Wise Pro 640GBCFx-B
Wise Pro 160/320GBCFx-B1257 MB/s1536 MB/s593 MB/s
Wise 1TB Mk IICFx-B1108 MB/s989 MB/s637 MB/s
Wise 512GB Mk IICFx-B936 MB/s1236 MB/s637 MB/s
Angelbird Pro 1TB/2TB/4TB MkIICFx-B852 MB/s969 MB/s638 MB/s
Angelbird Pro 2TB MkICFx-B
Angelbird Pro XT Mk II 330/660/1320GBCFx-B1584 MB/s1516 MB/s699 MB/s
AngelBird SE 1TBCFx-B
Angelbird Pro SE 512GBCFx-B789 MB/s958 MB/s616 MB/s
Angelbird Pro SX 160GB/330GBCFx-B1508 MB/s1597 MB/s684 MB/s
OWC Atlas Ultra CF4.0 1TB/2TBCFx-B 4.0
OWC Atlas Ultra 165/325/650GBCFx-B1401 MB/s1579 MB/s698 MB/s
OWC Atlas Pro CF4.0 256/512GBCFx-B 4.0
OWC Atlas Pro 512GB/1TB/2TBCFx-B514 MB/s1632 MB/s351 MB/s
OWC Atlas Pro 256GBCFx-B430 MB/s1212 MB/s511 MB/s
OWC Atlas Pro 128GBCFx-B232 MB/s1300 MB/s273 MB/s
Sabrent Pro 512GB/1TB/2TBCFx-B856 MB/s1183 MB/s633 MB/s
RitzGear 256/512/1TBCFx-B481 MB/s1302 MB/s419 MB/s
RitzGear 128GBCFx-B236 MB/s1323 MB/s273 MB/s
Pergear Ultra 1TB/2TBCFx-B
Pergear Pro 512GBCFx-B687 MB/s1085 MB/s559 MB/s
Pergear Pro 256GBCFx-B346 MB/s1131 MB/s319 MB/s
Pergear Lite 128GBCFx-B404 MB/s997 MB/s305 MB/s
Pergear Lite 64GBCFx-B
Silicon Power 1TB/2TBCFx-B421 MB/s
Silicon Power Cinema 512GB/1TBCFx-B
Transcend 820 512GBCFx-B985 MB/s1660 MB/s543 MB/s
Transcend 820 256GBCFx-B1200 MB/s1644 MB/s542 MB/s
Sandisk Extreme Pro V90 32-512GBUHS-II252 MB/s279 MB/s199 MB/s
Lexar 2000x V90 32-256GBUHS-II219 MB/s256 MB/s80 MB/s
Transcend v90UHS-II175 MB/s263 MB/s165 MB/s
Sony G Tough v90 32-256GBUHS-II239 MB/s275 MB/s204 MB/s
Delkin Black v90 64/128/256GBUHS-II253 MB/s278 MB/s199 MB/s
Delkin Power v90 64/128/256GBUHS-II240 MB/s275 MB/s194 MB/s
Adata v90 64/128/256GBUHS-II229 MB/s268 MB/s193 MB/s
Hoodman Steel 2000x V90 64/128GBUHS-II155 MB/s249 MB/s139 MB/s
ProGrade V90 64-512GBUHS-II229 MB/s270 MB/s193 MB/s
PNY EliteX-Pro90 V90 64/128/256GBUHS-II214 MB/s
Amplim 2000x V90 32-128GBUHS-II213 MB/s
Angel Bird V90 II 64-512GBUHS-II257 MB/s271 MB/s200 MB/s
OWC Atlas Ultra V90 64-512GBUHS-II208 MB/s
Kingston Canvas React V90 32-256GBUHS-II256 MB/s274 MB/s209 MB/s
Kodak V90 32/64/128GBUHS-II260 MB/s272 MB/s211 MB/s
Ritz Gear VideoPro V90 64-512GBUHS-II258 MB/s273 MB/s211 MB/s
Wise V90 Pro 128/256/512GBUHS-II256 MB/s275 MB/s207 MB/s
Sandisk Extreme Pro v60 256/512/1TBUHS-II189 MB/s279 MB/s165 MB/s
Sandisk Extreme Pro v60 64/128GBUHS-II102 MB/s283 MB/s94 MB/s
Lexar 1800x V60 64-512GBUHS-II188 MB/s255 MB/s163 MB/s
Lexar 1667x V60 64/128/256GBUHS-II100 MB/s257 MB/s149 MB/s
Lexar Silver Pro v60UHS-II162 MB/s255 MB/s78 MB/s
Sony M Tough V60 64-512GBUHS-II155 MB/s268 MB/s135 MB/s
Sony E v60 256GBUHS-II142 MB/s252 MB/s128 MB/s
Sony E v30 64GBUHS-II73 MB/s247 MB/s68 MB/s
Delkin Prime v60 64/128/256GBUHS-II98 MB/s275 MB/s91 MB/s
Hoodman Steel 1500x V60 64/128GBUHS-II99 MB/s273 MB/s92 MB/s
ProGrade V60 128/256/512GBUHS-II98 MB/s155 MB/s73 MB/s
PNY EliteX-Pro60 V60 512GBUHS-II180 MB/s278 MB/s164 MB/s
PNY EliteX-Pro60 V60 256GBUHS-II183 MB/s280 MB/s162 MB/s
PNY EliteX-Pro60 V60 128GBUHS-II
Amplim 2000x v60UHS-II136 MB/s253 MB/s125 MB/s
Angel Bird V60 II 64-1TBUHS-II144 MB/s243 MB/s129 MB/s
OWC Atlas Pro V60 64GB-1TBUHS-II100 MB/s281 MB/s78 MB/s
Ritz Gear Video Pro V60 A1 64-256GBUHS-II103 MB/s280 MB/s95 MB/s
Wise V60 128GBUHS-II102 MB/s269 MB/s93 MB/s

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