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Moment announced a new 35mm film camera available in two color combinations.

→ FilmNeverDie announced a new Nana 35mm automatic point-and-shoot reusable film camera.

→ Film Ferrania plans to release two long-discontinued black-and-white films.

Harman Photo is teasing a new film product.

→ Here are the latest updates on the MiNT 35mm film camera:

  • What will be the price of this new camera: USD650-800.
  • Will it be available this year: No.
  • Will it be available next year: Very likely. As early as possible next year, unless something goes terribly wrong.
  • What is the financial situation of this project: The R&D costs associated with developing this camera have been sky-high. The mould costs, labour costs, and everything is just very expensive. Basically Mint is risking the whole company to get this project off the ground.

→ Reveni Labs has a new analog camera tester project up for funding on Kickstarter.

The latest Kickstarter/Indiegogo updates

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